Gerard Place Board of Directors

Click HERE to meet our Board of Directors Chairperson, Sister Concetta DeFelice OSF, and learn about her passion for helping the poor.   

"I am so proud that Gerard Place is a beacon of hope for our East Side brothers and sisters." 

Concetta DeFelice, OSF


Belle Walls Montree, ACBSW, MS, LMHC

Vice President

Amy F. Bradley, CPA


Therese Bianchi

Katherine Marie Bogner, SSMN

Valerie Cattling

Sharon Goodremote, FSSJ

Margaret Gorman, RSM

Richard Heist

Karen Karaszewski

Susan O'Neill, DC

Daynell Rowell-Stephens

Karen Shaver, SSJ

Sheila Stone, GNSH

Mary Lorianne Tylczynski, CSSF

Edith Wyss, OSF

Kristina Young

David Zapfel, MPA

For information about any of Gerard Place’s Programs and Services, Call (716) 897-9948