Healthy Mom & Baby

Gerard Place Healthy Mom & Baby Program helps to reverse these statistics by providing support, services and supplies:

8% of births in 14215 happen with no pre-natal care.

10% of mothers are 15-19 years old.

15% of babies are low birth weight.

23% of mothers have no high school diploma or job training.

80% of single mothers living in 14215 live well below the poverty line.

Healthy Mom & Baby

Healthy Mom & Baby Program

Are you pregnant or just gave birth to new baby?  Congratulations!  We are here to help.  Call (716) 897-9948 x 114 to register.

Our program can help you with:

Pack 'n Play, baby care supplies, clothes, food, resources and bus passes for doctor appointments. 

For information about any of Gerard Place’s Programs and Services, Call (716) 897-9948