Volunteer With Us

Click here to meet one of our volunteers, Dr. Larry Whelan, and learn about his volunteer experience at Gerard Place. "Volunteering at Gerard Place has changed me immensely." 

We have an immediate need of tutors for our Adult Literacy Program.  We will provide training and all the material you will need to help an adult learner earn their high school equilvalency diploma.  You can choose your own schedule of tutoring.  Tutoring is in small groups or one-on-one.  Be a tutor and change a life!  For more information on tutoring, please contact Amanda @ (716) 897-9948 x 116, ahibbard@gerardplace.org.

For more information about other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kathy at 716-897-9948 ext. 101 or khzuppa@gerardplace.org.



Volunteer With Us

Become a Volunteer Today

Volunteering can be a fun, exciting new adventure both rewarding to you and to Gerard Place.

But you may have a couple questions before you begin…

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering builds on the strength of our community.  It is a great opportunity for all involved to share new experiences together.

Some examples of why people volunteer:

  • To share a skill or talent
  • To demonstrate commitment to the cause
  • To have an impact
  • To give back
  • To pay forward your own good fortune
  • To feel needed

What Does a Volunteer Look Like?

  • Be excited - This is a great opportunity for you and for Gerard Place.  We are happy to have you.
  • Take the Initiative - Gerard Place has many needs, volunteer to do something that you are interested in and that also fits a need that we have.
  • Ask Questions - During volunteer training, ask questions, learn about Gerard Place and our many programs.

These tips will help to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience during your volunteer work.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gerard Place is always looking for warm and caring individuals to lend a hand to residents with High School Equivalency classes, life skill classes, job readiness training, and computer training.

We also need volunteers to help at Food Distribution Programs.  Would you like to help serve a hot Take Out Meal or organize items in our Food Pantry?

Other ideas to help our families: cook a holiday meal, start a collection drive, bake treats for our families, help out with light gardening/outdoor tasks, designate a Friday Jeans Day, sponsor a field trip, and organize our storeroom.  These initiatives could be perfect for a group effort.  


Regular scheduled volunteers will be required to read and sign our volunteer handbook and be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  There will be additional information at the time you volunteer.

For information about any of Gerard Place’s Programs and Services, Call (716) 897-9948