Student Spotlight: Latisha-NEDP Program

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February 8, 2024

Student Spotlight:  Latisha-NEDP Program

Latisha Jones started the NEDP (National External Diploma Program, a web-based GED program) in September 2023.  She came into our building shy and anxious about starting the NEDP Program.  She has been through many other programs with little success.  Latisha is employed and always looking to better herself and her family.  She is so supportive to other students and is always kind to our staff.  Latisha works two jobs and takes care of her household.

Latisha has had a hard start to 2024.  She lost her sister abruptly, very recently.  Although this was difficult for her, she is pushing through.  She took very little to no time off and is working so hard to complete this program.  Latisha made a promise to her sister that she would finish her degree and she is doing that.

Latisha plans on attending an LPN program after graduation.  She is already in the process of applying and making sure this plan is in place prior to graduation.  We are so proud of Latisha.  She is a shining star in our program and inspiring to all of us.

"I feel this is a great program, y'all make me feel comfortable and motivated when I come there.  I love the positive sayings be on the boards.  I feel I can do what I put my mind to do and y'all help me to do this.  I love the smiles, the welcomes when I come there.  I love how y'all like to help us get through it and not put too much pressure on us.  I love the patience y'all have with us, the way y'all help us one by one.  I went to two other programs and this is my third and I'm pushing through no matter what.  I'm just so happy I was referred to Gerard Place.  I thank Amanda and the other teachers for giving me this opportunity and helping me to get to my goal.  I have two jobs and in school.  I'm a mother, a wife and a great friend and want everyone to do and be their BEST and to NEVER GIVE UP!  This makes me so happy knowing I will have my GED soon!"  ~ Latisha  

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